Meland Unicorn Princess Dress

Unicorn Toys, Every Girls Favourite

We at Meland love unicorns.

Who doesn't? These fantastical, colorful, magical animals are understandably loved by so many young girls.

We've taken on the unicorn as a bit of an unofficial mascot here at the office.

And so it's little wonder that we're so many unicorn-themed toys in our collection.

So if your little girl just loves unicorns, then have a look through our selection below.

Why Do We Love Unicorns?

As mentioned before, who doesn't?

Unicorns are one of the most popular toys for little girls. With their magical powers, they can turn your dreams into reality. They are perfect to play with and wonderful to collect! 

These days there are so many different kinds of unicorn toys available in stores everywhere!

There is something for everyone no matter what age you are or what kind of toy collector you may be!

You can find unicorns dressed up as characters from your favorite TV show or movie, unicorns that come alive when you put them under a light bulb and even tiny ones that fit perfectly on top of your finger tip.

The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to unicorn themed toys these days! Please find below our Unicorn collection.

Unicorn Dress

Meland Unicorn Princess Dress

Unicorn Princess dress-up set is an ideal present for your little girl. Complete with rainbow handbag, unicorn tiara, and necklace, your little one will love this set.

Whether it's for a special occasion, a dress-up party or just for make-believe at home, our unicorn dress is sure to become a favourite of any little girl.

Unicorn Teepee Tent

Meland Unicorn Teepee Tent

One of our best sellers.

Create a unique play-environment for your child. Give them their own space to be creative, feel safe or simply to make-believe in.

Our unicorn-themed teepee comes with sturdy pine poles, a comfortable mat to set the tent up over, and even a string of star-lights to add to the magic.


Unicorn Washable Makeup kit

Meland Kids Washable Unicorn Makeup Kit

What little girl could resist a set of child-safe, washable makeup, with unicorn compacts all presented in a wonderfully colorful, sparkly rainbow case.

Or for the ultimate in Unicorn Makeup kits for kids, our new Unicorn Makeup box set makes an ideal present for any fan of unicorns. 

Your little girl can join mommy when getting ready for the day.

A Unicorn Bounce House

Meland Unicorn Bounce House

The ultimate in unicorn toys from Meland, an inflatable unicorn bouncy castle.

Make your kid's party the best ever by setting one of these up in your yard. The castle has an inflatable slide and a net-enclosed bouncing area.

Complete with a heavy-duty blower that inflates the castle within minutes.

Unicorn Toys at Meland

We love how the unicorn has been immortalized in many forms of media, from movies to books and toys.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a little girl, look no further than our selection of unicorn-themed toys.

So what are you waiting for? Shop your Unicorn toy today at Meland.