5 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

5 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, we're nearing the last shipping date to secure a great Halloween costume for your little girl.

Below, we've listed out our favourite Meland costumes, whether your little one is an aspiring doctor or astronaut, or the princess of her own magical kingdom, we've got the solution for you.


1. Unicorn Princess Dress

Unicorn Princess Costume

This outfit has it all: a sparkly princess dress, a rainbow necklace, a unicorn headband, a unicorn bag. Meland's Unicorn Princess Dress will add some special magic to your little girl's Halloween night.

This outfit is great for Halloween, but also a really great outfit for the wardrobe.

Useful for getting out for special occasions like dress up parties and other imagination times.


2. Astronaut Costume

Girls Astronaut Costume

Though space is still mostly a male-dominated arena, there are increasing numbers of pioneering women leaving our atmosphere. We think a great way to encourage your little explorer to take a giant leap is with early play.

What better costume for this Halloween than our Astronaut costume then? Set your little space explorer on a path to the stars this year.

3. Firefighter Costume

Girls' Firefighter Costume

Support your brave kid by dressing them up as a fire chief this Halloween.

Uniform, hat, fire extinguisher, torch, walkie talkie and axe. This set has all the items needed for your little one to really get into character.

Show your little girl that firefighting isn't just for the boys this Halloween.

4. Doctor

Doctor Halloween Costume

Kids love make believe, and Halloween is a great excuse to get them a new outfit.

We at Meland think that parents can be smart about their costume purchases, getting an outfit that can be used for parties and make-believe play at home as well as for Halloween. A classic doctors set is ideal for this.

As well as inspiring your little girl to potentially take up medicine later in life.

A pretend medicine career can nurture any caring instincts she might be showing.

Also, this set is great for helping any kid with fears they might have about going to check ups.


5.Washable Makeup and 6. Princess Accessories

Kids Makeup SetPerhaps you've already got the look sorted, but need something extra to finish it off.

At Meland we have a great range of water-based washable makeup sets that kids just love to experiment with.

Use to make a ghoulish look for Halloween then let your little girl play with the set when getting ready in the morning.

Finally, needing a sceptre or a set of shoes that will complete the look. We've got you covered with our princess dress up shoes and jewelry sets.


Our Halloween Spirit (pun intended)

At Meland we want to inspire girls to do great things.

For us, Halloween is a day to try out being someone (or something) else. It's an excuse to play make-believe - not that kids need any excuse! It's an excuse to try on something new, and see if you like it.

For kids, playing is how they learn what they want to be. This is what we want to encourage during Halloween.