Great Christmas Gift Ideas from Meland

Great Christmas Gift Ideas from Meland

If you're looking for a christmas gift idea for the little girl in your life, we've got you covered.

You may still be recovering from your thanksgiving dinner but we're here to remind you that holiday gift-giving is just around the corner.

We're starting with the toddlers, the 2-4 year olds. Then moving onto great gifts for the little girls who are in their first years of school, 5-8 year olds. Finally we'll be helping giving suggestions for the 9-12 year olds.

Ultimate Christmas Gifts for 2-4 year old girls

Two to four year olds are great to buy presents for. Kids this age are just so excited by the whole event. The present itself sometimes plays a secondary role when compared with the whole event. The excitement of unwrapping, the guessing of what the present is, the family huddled around to join in.

Holidays are a magical time for young kids and we have the gifts that will make your present a new favourite.

1. See and do

Kids Vanity Set

From 'helping out with the cleaning, getting ready with mum in the morning, or just sorting out all of the things they're need during the day with this fantastic handbag set.

Meland toys can help toddlers to bond and play alongside their parents while learning key life skills.

2. Make believe

2-4 year olds are at a great age when their imagination is truly running wild, and they're just beginning to develop the communication skills needed to tell you exactly what's going on in their minds.

We're big believers in letting toddlers explore their creativity by giving them tools to allow them to truly enter the make-believe.

Little princesses are ready to go with our princess dress up set. Complete with skirt, shoes, tiara and jewelry, this set will add a bit of magic to your child's make believe dress-up.

For the little girl who's a little more down-to-earth, we have a wonderful play-doctor set. Complete with scrubs, stethoscope, and various other doctor's kit accessories, this is an ideal present for the budding surgeon in your family.

Other recommendations:

Ultimate Christmas Gifts for 5-8 year old girls

Having started school, this age is all about learning just how big and how much there is in this world. It seems like a daunting age but kids mostly take all this learning in their stride.

Parents can help encourage their kids' exploration by giving them the right gifts that let them discover through play.

1. Like a grown up

Many kids love to imitate things that they see their parents doing. We at Meland think this is an ideal age to encourage kids to explore their parents hobbies and roles in life.

Meland's Camping and Outdoor Set is ideal for kids to practice getting into nature and join their parents in a love for the outdoors.

Complete with tent, stove, lantern and many other camping necessities, this set will help a kid build confidence before exploring nature with her parents.

Meland's Kids Garden Tools Set is another great way for kids to get accustomed to the outside world (this time a little closer to home though).

Follow mom or dad around the garden helping out with this colorful set of trowels, rakes, watering cans and everything else needed to cultivate green thumbs.

2. Let their creativity flourish

At school, kids should be starting to get more confidence in their abilities to create. Whether this is building, drawing, creating or coloring. We at Meland love supporting little girls' creative pursuits.

For the flourishing creative in your live, we recommend one of our Tie Dye kits, one of our Fuse Bead kits or even, to encourage a bit of creative engineering, a marble run set.

Other recommendations:

Ultimate Christmas Gifts for 8-12 year old girls

8 to 12 year olds can be difficult to buy for. Girls of this age are on the cusp of leaving toys behind. Getting this group right can mean keeping a bit of childhood magic for a little longer.

1. Pamper

Younger girls in this age group might be starting to experiment with make up. We at Meland have two perfect sets for a young girls first makeup kit. Our unicorn makeup set and our unicorn makeup case. Finally a great gift to pamper a young girl these holidays are our bath bombs. Each of these natural, scented, fizzing bath bombs comes with a surprise inside that is sure to delight.

2. Bounce House

Unicorn Bounce House
For the girl who just has bundles of energy, then give them the ultimate holiday gift, a bounce house!

We've got two at-home bounce houses at Meland. A regular bounce house and a unicorn-themed bounce house.

Both of these bounce houses are ideal for a backyard. They're durable, colorful, and both come with an air blower and are ready to go.

Other recommendations: 

Unicorn Teepee tent

Washable Makeup Kit

Colorful Kids Golf Club Set