Meland Gift Guides: Makeup Toy Sets for Girls

Meland Gift Guides: Makeup Toy Sets for Girls

Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who's the fairest of them all? Lots of girls first learn about beauty standards from fairytales.

Let's admit it, it's far from ideal. We've moved on from the narrow beauty standards found in fairytales.

For little girls nowadays, we want to have a healthy view of beauty. One thing parents can do is to take over the control and introduce them to the idea of beauty that reflects what we want for our girls. The best way to do it is through playing.

Meland has a wide range of makeup toy sets, from kids-friendly washable real makeup to pretend makeup.

These products are not only safe for kids to use but also teach them valuable lessons about beauty standards. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a little girl in your life, look no further than a makeup toy.

Washable Makeup Sets

With real washable makeup toys, kids can have lots of fun experimenting with all kinds of looks. From natural and nude to rainbow and glittery, there are endless possibilities.

We recommend washable real makeup toys to girls over 4 years old, when they have better hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. Rest assured that all of our kid's real makeup sets are made with non-toxic, water-based formulas with no strong scents. Totally safe for kids. It's also easy for mommies to clean up afterward.

Little girls playing with makeup

Rainbow Unicorn/Pink Llama Makeup Set

This complete makeup set has everything a little girls needs to have all the fun playing with makeup toys.

With a wide range of different shades, glitters, temporary kids tattoos and nail stickers, kids can get really creative and create whatever looks they like.

It’s a great gift to get an instant big smile from little girls. The set is in a foldable case which comes in a rainbow unicorn or pink llama cover.

It can also be very useful to make real makeup for little ones for special occasions like a school performance or cheerleading.

Kids makeup toy with bag

Washable Makeup Kit with Unicorn Purse

It’s a perfect starter kit to introduce kids to makeup toys. It has eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks for makeup, nail polish for a mini manicure, hair chalks for fun colorful streaks, and unicorn bracelets for a complete look.

The makeup brushes that come with the kit are the perfect size for little hands.

All of these can fit in the glittering rainbow-colored unicorn purse. It’s just simply adorable.

We have great feedback from happy grannies, mommies, and aunties who bought this set for their little girls. They just love it. Not just the product, but also the precious bonding time they spend together.

Pretend Makeup Toys

For girls under 4 years old, pretend play makeup toys are one of the best gifting ideas. They allow little girls to imitate their mommies, be creative, and have lots of fun with their imagination.

Pretend makeup toys allows them to have fun without actually putting anything on their delicate skin.

All of our pretend makeup toys are also made with eco-friendly non-toxic materials, to give the little ones the best protection.

Little girl play dress up

Pretend Makeup Play Set with Handbag

This set has all the essential imitation cosmetics toys including lipsticks, lip gloss, blush, eyeshadows and powder.

They look so real, just like what mommy has. Perfect for some sweet mother-daughter bonding time doing pretend makeup together. 

To make it even better, this set also contains some pretend credit cards, a pair of sunglasses and a pretend phone toy. Because girls know that accessories are important. And little girls need the “essentials” to be the ones who run the world, just like their moms. 

It can be a little girl’s first makeup toy and it’s a perfect gift choice for girls who start to pick their own outfits every day. 

Little girl play with vanity table (From Instagram @princess.eva_ )

Vanity Play Set with Lights and Mirror

This is the perfect gift for girls who love primping and preening in front of the mirror. It comes with a table and stool.

On the table are colorful pretend play makeup toys including hair dryer, hair rollers, rings, lipsticks, necklaces and bracelets, hairpins, and hair tie. It's a full set for little girls to imitate their moms and do the daily beauty routines while having an immersive fun pretend play.

The special highlights are the lights and sound around the big mirror. It’s like having a real Hollywood style vanity set. Little girls will feel so grown up and important when they sit in front of the mirror and see themselves in the “spotlight”. Great way to make them feel special and confident.

It'd be a treat for little girls. They would LOVE to receive this set as a gift.


We want all the little girls to be confident, especially when it comes to beauty.

Introducing them to makeup toys at a young age, and teaching them to manage their own look and embrace their looks would go a long way in helping them to be confident when they grow up. It's one of the best gifts adults can give to them.

What are you waiting for? Get one of these makeup toy sets for the little girls in your life today!