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6 Perfect Gifts for Little Girls: Ideas for Every Age

What do you get the little girl who has everything? If you're stumped on what to get your daughter, niece, or granddaughter for their birthday, don't worry - we've got you covered.

In this blog post, we will be discussing different gift ideas for girls of different age groups.

So whether your little one is just starting to walk and talk, or she's a pre-teen ready to take on the world, we have something perfect for her!

The Ultimate Rule

It's very easy to go for the usual options - dolls, Barbies or stuffed animals.

Don't get us wrong, those are nice and loved by many. But chances are, every little girl has quite a lot of these already. If you want to get some gifts that are truly special, try thinking outside of the box.

If you're short of time, here is the ultimate rule - don't think of young girls as babies. Even though we cherish every moment of them as cute babies, every little girl is also a growing opinionated strong female.

So, pick them gifts that help with their creative expressions, that embrace their hobbies, and that challenge their intelligent minds.

Best Gift Ideas for Little Girls at 2-4 Years Old

They might not have a large vocabulary yet, but they can surely have some pretty convincing arguments.

Girls at this age start to want to be independent. They want to be just like their mommies. A little vanity set with pretend makeup toys is a great gift idea.

Girl playing with vanity set

They see how mommy gets ready every morning and they want to try it out too.

They'll have lots of fun pretending to put on lipstick and eyeshadow, and you'll get a kick out of seeing their creative minds at work. It’s also good for them to practice hand eye coordination.

It's also the age when pretend play is everything. Girls aged 2-4 have the most creative minds. As they become more aware of the world around them, they are curious about others.

A gift that allows them to explore different roles through pretend play is perfect. We recommend this play veterinarian set that comes with a cute puppy "patient".

Girl play with vet set

It contains a scrub costume with toy medical tools, some of them even have lights and sound effects.

Little girls will have endless fun with this adorable set while practicing their language, social and fine motor skills. It's the perfect way to get them interested in animal care while also encouraging their imagination.

Best Gift Ideas for Little Girls at 5-8 Years Old

They are at the age where they want to be just like mommy, but they are also starting to develop their own interests.

Gift ideas for girls at this age should reflect both of these things. If you're looking for gift ideas for girls between 5 to 8 years old, get them their very first real makeup set. They can be like mommies, learn to apply makeup and create looks that they like.

Girl play with makeup toy

This cute kids-friendly washable makeup set is made with safe ingredients with no strong scents. Ideal for little girls' delicate skin.

This full set has a wide range of color options and different tools that empower girls to create whatever looks they like. It comes in a foldable case with a choice of the unicorn or pink llama theme.

Girl with camping toy

For girls who can't wait to go on adventures, this 42-piece camping toy set will win them over. It has all the camping essentials for pretend play.

Perfect for little adventurers to build confidence and learn about how to interact in the wild. It can be set up indoors or out in the backyard.

Best Gift Ideas for Little Girls at 8-12 years old

This is the age when girls start to have their own life. They have their own friends, plans for spare time, and thoughts about the world.

Gifts for them should show that we respect them as independent individuals, and we want to give them tools that empower them to be like that.

Girl play with guitar in a teepee tent

(Instagram @ceritabella playing in her Meland unicorn teepee tent)

A nice teepee tent would make a great birthday gift or a gift for special occasions.

This unicorn-themed teepee tent is pretty, stylish and has all the necessities to create a nice and relaxing private space for little girls. It's a space for them and for them only.

They can use the space however they want - read, nap, play music, write down their thoughts in the diary or simply daydream. It's a great way for adults to say "I respect you" to little girls.

Girls play with bounce castle

If you're ready to spoil your daughter, niece, god-daughter or another special little girl in your life, get a bounce castle this summer. This giant bounce castle with a slide is an ultimate treat. It's big enough to fit up to 5 kids playing at the same time.

It's perfect for birthday parties. Kids will have hours of fun bouncing around, playing games and sliding down. It's a great way to make sure that the little girls in your life are having the time of their lives.


We hope you enjoyed our gift ideas for little girls. Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, a special occasion gift or just a thoughtful present, we're sure you'll find something on this list that the little girl in your life will love.

Gift-giving is a great way to show the people in your life how much you care about them, and we know that the little girls in your lives are extra special. So make sure to give them something that shows just how much they mean to you.