Cool Unicorn Toys For 5-8 Years Old Girls

Cool Unicorn Toys For 5-8 Years Old Girls

What's not to love about unicorns? Colorful, magical horses that are associated with rainbows and sparkles.

It's easy to see why their myth and popularity has endured for so long. We at Meland love unicorns.

We've take so much inspiration for them in the design of many of our toys. And it's these top picks that we want to introduce you to today.

Magical unicorn toys are popular among young girls because they are colorful and fun.

Kids love to imagine themselves in amongst magical creatures, and unicorns fit that bill perfectly.

There is also something special about the unicorn that appeals to many little girls, whether it is their beauty, strength, or magic. Whatever the reason, it is clear that unicorn toys will continue to be popular for a long time to come.


The Best Unicorn Themed Toys Come From Meland

Unicorn Makeup

Unicorn makeup toys

For those curious little girls who love to watch mommy get ready in the morning we have a great set of washable unicorn-themed kids makeup.

The makeup comes conveniently in a cute makeup bag that allows little girls to take their make up on the go.

Spend quality time with your daughter as she learns how to apply her new unicorn-themed eye shadow, blush and lip gloss.

This makeup kit helps instill a sense of responsibility and creativity in our little girls.

They can even use their imagination to invent many different looks with the makeup that they apply themselves.

Unicorn Tents

Unicorn Teepee Tent

Another magical unicorn themed toy that your daughter will love is our best selling unicorn-themed kids teepee tent.

It's the perfect addition to any kid's room. It creates a magical space where kids can dream about unicorns, peace, and happiness.

The tend can create a safe-space for the child. Set aside from the rest of the household it's a space just for them just for them.

This can be ideal for families with multiple kids but not a huge space for them to play.

The tent is large enough for your little unicorn fans to play happily inside, but won't overwhelm your room.

Unicorn Bounce House 

Unicorn bounce house

And last but not least, our Best Selling Kids Inflatable Unicorn-themed Bounce House.

It is great way to encourage active outdoor fun during the summer months. Soft jumping area allows kids of all ages to jump and play on a soft surface, making it easy on their little knees and elbows.

It's suitable for indoors (with a space large enough) or outdoors in a yard. It's just perfect for parties of unicorn lovers!


Unicorn Toys

Unicorn Toys are popular among young girls.

Girls love unicorns and these toys provide an opportunity for them to enjoy their favorite creatures in a variety of forms.

There are many different types of unicorn toys available, from makeup sets to bounce houses. If you're looking for a unique gift that will be sure to please, pick up one of our unicorn toys for the special girl in your life.