Girls play with makeup toys

When Should My Kids Start To Wear Makeup?

Parents always have a mix feelings when they first hear their little girls asking to wear makeup.

It's understandable. It shows how observant they are and that they've grown up enough to have awareness about their appearance.

It brings a great sense of pride that the little girl has grown up, while also nerve-racking at the same time to know that they've grown up.

Rest assured, it's totally normal for little girls to ask about makeups.

They might have seen their older siblings, mommy, aunties or teachers at school wearing makeup and were inspired.

It's a sign that they look up to the important female figure in their life and want to be like them.

When your little girl asks to put on some makeup, take a moment to appreciate the initiative and use it as an opportunity to talk to them about makeup.

So, when should kids start to wear makeup?

There's no definite answer as every kid is different. Some might show interest in wearing makeup as early as 2 years old, while some might not even think about it until they're 10 years old or older.

The best way to know if your kid is ready to wear makeup is when they show interest in other people's makeup.

If they start asking questions about mommy's makeup, for example, it's a sign that they could be introduced to makeup toys. When they're slightly older, they'd probably simply ask to use mommy's makeup or have some makeup to themselves.

Basically, the rule is that once they show interest or ask about it, it'd be a good time to introduce them to makeup or makeup toys.

Young girls play with makeup toys

How To Introduce Makeup to Kids

It's been too long for girls to feel pressured to fit into the beauty stereotype. If you want your girls to have a healthy relationship with beauty, you should put in some effort. A managed exposure to makeup is a great way to start.

When they start asking questions about makeup, explain to them what makeup is and why people wear it.

It is important to make sure they understand that wearing makeup is not to please others. They should only do it if they feel like it and if it makes them feel good.

Show them how to apply makeup properly using a doll or stuffed animal as an example.

You don't necessarily need to use real makeup. If you have some used-up lipsticks or eye shadows, you can use them as pretend makeup to show kids how to use different makeup tools.

By now, you should feel pretty confident that your kids have the right mindset towards makeup. If their interests persist, you can get them their own set.

For kids under 4 years old, you can get them pretend makeup toys. They look like real makeup but don't put anything on kids' delicate skin. They can still have the joy of pretend play and putting their makeup on.

Once the kids are older than 4 years old, you can choose kids-friendly makeup. They have fewer chemicals and are gentler on kids' skin.

Meland Makeup Products

Kids makeup bag

Unicorn Makeup Kit for Kids with Rainbow Bag

This makeup set is as magical as the unicorns. It comes with 5-colored unicorn eye shadow, 4 unicorn horn shaped makeup brushes, unicorn-shaped lipstick, blush, hand cream and glitter roller, 2 nail polishes, 2 eye shadow creams and 1 unicorn rainbow makeup bag. It's a great gift for kids who love unicorns and rainbows.

Washable Makeup Kit for Girls

This is a more advanced set that comes in a beautiful makeup case. It has all the makeup essentials from eye shadows and blush to powder and puff - all the things a little girl will need to have fun putting makeup on.

The rainbow colored case looks exactly like a professional makeup case which will surely make them feel very important and like a proper grown-up.

Even though it looks very professional and grown-up, it is specially designed for kids. It's made with non-toxic and water-based formula with no strong scents. Totally safe for kids.

Girl play with pretend makeup toy

Little Girls Handbag Play Set

For girls under 3 years old, we recommend pretend makeup play set rather than kids real makeup. Kids get to enjoy the fun of "putting on" makeup without actually putting anything on their baby skin.

This play set has the essentials makeup items like lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes, as well as some other must-haves in any girl's handbag - a phone, credit cards and sunglasses.

All of these fit in a beautiful pink handbag to carry around. It's the perfect size for little girls to carry around and match their mommies.

Purple girl handbag play set

Purple Pretend Makeup Kit

This is another great pretend makeup kit for kids under 3 years old. It comes in a very pretty mermaid-themed purple bag. Inside you can find eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, powder and puff. All of them look very so vivid and real without actually being real.

It also comes with a pair of kids' sunglasses and some hair accessories - just like what mommy wears. Perfect for pretend play and dress up.


There is no right or wrong answer to the question "when should kids start wearing makeup?" It really depends on the individual kid and their interests.

However, definitely don't stress out about it. Girls can have fun playing with pretend makeup and real makeup without falling into the beauty stereotypes traps. All you need is safe products designed for kids and some parental guidance.