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Top 10 Childhood Games That Will Make You Nostalgic

The bell for recess rings! Time to hit the playground with your classmates and let loose. Teachers just want you to burn off some of that energy you've been keeping in during class. You're just looking to pack in as much fun as possible.

Many of us have fond memories of childhood games. At school during break, at home during weekends or holidays, or in the evenings with siblings and neighbours. Playing games is a precious memory shared by so many childhoods.

We at Meland are always keen to encourage play time. Not only is it a great way to burn off some energy, but we think it's an incredibly important part of a child's upbringing. 


Basketball Hoop

A classic way to shoot hoops without a full game. All the players need is a ball and a hoop. The rules are simple. Players take turns at taking shots from the same spot, miss and the player gets a letter towards the name H-O-R-S-E. When you're the HORSE you're out. Try different shots, from different distances, one-handed, 3-pointer, back-turned (for the real experts). 

Kids of all ages can play this game. It's a wonderful way to get them out of the house for some fresh air. However, with a little improvisation a bucket or bin for the hoop and a scrunched up sheet of paper in place of a ball, you can even play at home. 


One of the great childhood games - very simple equipment needed for this one; a looped string, your fingers, and a lot of imagination. Help your kids build dexterity while they create patterns and pictures. Parents can tangled up too, for a bit indoors fun time with your child. 

Cat's Cradle makes our list here for its incredibly simplicity. Barely any equipment and a great one person game for kids to get wrapped up in. 


Playing with Marble Run

For slightly older children (caution! marbles can be a swallowing risk for younger kids), marbles are amazing  toys. From the  traditional game, where kids flicked marbles into a circle to try to knock their opponents out of the ring, to the wonderfully colorful marble runs. 

There are so many ways to play with marbles, and their size and variety allows kids to build up little collections which taps into a lot of innate habits and starts them off on building their own hobbies. 


There are so many different ways to play jump rope. A "one person, one rope" game, right through to long ropes and lots of people jumping in the middle. Singing rhymes while you jump, crossing your arms, hopping and performing all sorts of tricks. Jump rope really is a staple of many childhoods.

There are also a number of similar games too, like elastics (sometimes called Chinese jump rope or French skipping). All are great for kids fitness and coordination, and what fun! 


There are so many different variations of this classic childhood game. Spotlight tag, freeze tag, capture the flag, walking only tag. The list is as endless as your child’s imagination. No equipment is necessary, just 3 or more players and space to move.

Tag is the classic childhood game. For many of us it’s the go-to game when we talk about our own childhoods. It barely takes any encouragement to get kids to run around and play tag, but offer suggestions on how to enhance the game and leave them to it!


“The doctor will see you now”. Playing doctor is a fun way to make-believe for kids. Role-playing lets kids develop important skills like creativity, while also helping build confidence for when children have to visit the doctor themselves. At Meland we have a doctor dress up set which is perfect for playtime (and for upcoming Halloween of course!).


Perfect for leaping around a playground or a living room, don’t touch the floor or you’re out. This game is very much dependent on your environment. If inside, make sure there’s nothing breakable around as this game can get wild. If outside, an adventure playground is the best venue as there needs to be a lot of things to jump between. 

Our team all shared their own local variations of this game, the most common was not stepping on cracks when out walking. 


Another tried and tested game and a favourite to many. Hide and seek is a definitive game of childhood. Played indoors or out, with 2 or more players, it's a great way to get kids used to new surroundings (provided they're safe).

Some of us at Meland remember being master seekers, while others loved finding that perfect hiding spot, where we could see everyone else but couldn't be found. Toddlers love playing hide and seek too, though perhaps need a little help from their parents when it comes to seeking. 

It's innate, needs no special equipment, has multiple rounds (so everyone can experience being the winner). Just a wonderful childhood game with so many fun memories. 


Origami Crane

Perhaps a surprise entrance on our list, however one that most of us loved as kids. From making paper airplanes right through to complex shapes and designs, Origami is one of those rainy day, indoor activities that keeps boredom at bay. 

The internet has become a wonderful resource for this kind of creative activity. Many hours of videos and pages of diagrams for kids and parents to follow to create masterpieces. Draw on your kids creativity, develop finger dexterity, and help them get crafty. 

If you're looking for a new type of crafty activity for your creative child, we recommend trying our Meland fuze beads. 




Chalk, pavement and enough space to hop. That's what we need when setting up a game of hopscotch. Each player takes their turn by throwing a stone into one of the numbered squares - starting at one and going up to the end. They then have to avoid that square on their play thro ugh. 

It's a simple activity but great for getting kids to practice their balance and coordination. Children learn to hop between the ages of three and five. It's not that common for a three year old to have the balance or coordination to hop on the spot, let alone play hopscotch. However by the time they're five, they're ready to start playing hopscotch!

Having children is a great way for parents to revisit some of the things that they loved as children.

We really enjoyed reminiscing about the games of our past to bring you this list and we hope it inspires you to introduce your kid to the games you loved the you were young. Did we miss your favourite? Let us know on our social media channels.