Introduce Little Girls To Pretend Play

Introduce Little Girls To Pretend Play

What is pretend play 

Pretend play is an important part of a child's development. It helps them to explore their imagination and learn about the world around them.

According to experts, pretend play is “a form of symbolic play where children use objects, actions or ideas to represent other objects, actions, or ideas using their imaginations to assign roles to inanimate objects or people.”

Many parents think that pretend play is dressing up as characters. However, it takes a variety of forms and formats. It could be as simple as assigning roles to their soft toys.

When children engage in pretend play, they are using their imaginations to create new worlds and explore different scenarios. It’s more than just practicing their imagination and creativity though. It is through pretending and imagining, that they discover themselves, realize their relations with others, and make sense of the wider society.

When does pretend play start

So when is the best time to introduce and encourage children to pretend play? When does pretend play start?

According to research, pretend play typically begins around the age of two or three. This is when children start to develop the skills to create narratives and use language to communicate. They will start to act out different scenarios and assume the roles of different characters they see in their environment.

Before the age of three, most toddlers don’t really understand what “friends” mean. They will happily play alongside other kids which is called parallel play, but not really play with other kids. Pretend play allows them to practice forming social relationships with others, even though they’re toys or objects, on their own terms.

Children between the age of three and five have developed the play skills to imagine roles behind their pretend play. They can imagine themselves in certain roles, sometimes a princess, a superhero, or family members. Their toys also become certain roles in their life. Stuffed animals can be a baby, a patient, or a guest, depending on the occasion (and where kids’ imagination lead them).

Although pretend play will happen in early childhood naturally, it’s helpful to get them the right toys at the right time and encourage them to explore this wonderful form of play. When it comes to encouraging pretend play in your child, the most important thing is simply setting the stage – making sure there are plenty of opportunities for your kids to practice their imagination and creativity!

Best Meland toys to introduce pretend play to little girls 

With that in mind, we at Meland have many toys that facilitate and encourage pretend play.

Pretend makeup toys

Purple Pretend Makeup Kit

Parents, especially moms, are usually the first roles kids pretend to be. Little girls love to be like their mommies. This pretend makeup kit is ideal for young toddlers to imitate their mommies and do a makeover.

This set has 26 essential makeup items including brushes, an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks and some accessories. It comes with a cute purple bag to keep everything organized and ready to go anywhere.

They surely look so real but they're actually made with eco-friendly non-toxic EVA foam. It's safe, mess-free and doesn't leave any marks on skins - ideal for toddlers' imaginative play.

Next time when you put some makeup on, encourage your little one to join you with her special pretend makeup kit and have some fun mother-daughter bonding time.

Princess dressup 

Princess Role Play Dress Up Skirts and Play Shoes

With this set, your little girl can be a princess whenever she wants! It has three colorful skirts and matching shoes, two princess tiaras, two necklaces and two rings. All can be stored in a nice storage case.

After reading all about princesses, kids like to imagine themselves as one of them. While parents can't always offer castles to little princesses, you can let them dress up as one. A child’s imagination will do the rest.

It's a great gift for all the little princesses out there. It'd be fun to talk about the great qualities and personalities princesses usually have too. With multiple sets included, this toy set is great for social play too. It will surely be a huge hit at any kids' party too.

 Firefighter costume

Kids Fire Chief Costume Role Play Set

Who doesn't want to be a firefighter when they grow up? It's one of the most popular jobs that kids want. It's exciting and full of adventure.

This costume set comes with a full outfit which includes a hat, a jacket and pants, and toy accessories like a badge, a fire extinguisher, a walkie-talkie, a flashlight, an axe, and a whistle. The fire extinguisher can spray water too.

One of the most common pretend play is to pretend to be one of the professions kids see. Role playing a great way for kids to learn our roles in society, understand the relations of everyone and how they work together to make sure everyday life goes on.

Whether your child is a budding firefighter or simply enjoys playing dress-up, this role play set will provide hours of fun and excitement. With its well-designed costume and realistic accessories, it is sure to foster your little one's imagination and creativity while encouraging her to explore new roles in imaginative play.


Every step of children's development is crucial. Parents should foster and enhance their kids' ability to imaginative make-believe play by giving them the right tools. Toys that allow them to transform in some way into other characters help to set a framework for their imagination and leave enough space for them to explore.

Discover more Meland pretend play toys and let your little ones explore the wonderful world of make-believe!