Halloween decoration ideas for your Home

Halloween decoration ideas for your Home

It's nearly Halloween, we at Meland love to get into the holiday spirit. It's not just the costumes and candy corn that we love but also the chance to get creative in decorating our homes.

Give trick or treaters a thrill this year with Halloween decorations that are sure to inspire some halloween shrieks.  

For some, Halloween decor means getting out the hot glue, spray paint and glue dots. It means black craft paper, black paint, plastic spiders tangled in fake webs and a whole lot of craftiness. 

For others, Halloween decor means elaborate halloween decorations covering the yard and the front of the house. Inflatable ghosts, owls and pumpkins, or dragons and other spooky scenes.

We're here to celebrate all types of Halloween decoration, from the DIY to the store-bought. We love it all. We hope the ideas below will help you make some great Halloween memories with your kids.

A Spooky Bathtime


Witches Caldron Inspiration - Meland


Not all kids are old enough or able to go out trick or treating, so here's a nice idea to make the night special for your young one.

Turn your bath time into a spooky witch's caldron with our kids bath bombs.

Change boring water into colourful, fizzing adventures, and with special hidden toys in each bath bomb to add a touch of magic. 

For a real event, you can make your bathroom into a witches cave too.

A few fake cobwebs, some plastic spiders, a few matte black spray paint covered old wine bottles holding candles can all build the perfect atmosphere for a fun spooky bath.

Finally, a witch hat for you, a dash of pretend, and away you go!

DIY Halloween Decorations

There is no end of helpful sites that give great ideas on ways to decorate your house with home-made objects.

We won't go through a list here, there are some exhaustive lists available if you look.

However we want to make a suggestion that making Halloween decorations, or in fact any holiday decorations, is the perfect activity for parents to bond with their children. 

The perfect set of mason jars artfully covered with black construction paper might be a great item piece of decoration.

However a less-than-perfect creation, made by you and your child, will be so much more meaningful and special. 

A Touch of Colorful Magic

Halloween doesn't have to be all dark, making Halloween decorations can be fun a colorful too if you wish.

Grab on of Meland's Kids Tie Dye kits and some old sheets, and let your creativity shine through - or channel your inner flower-power style and make yourself a tie dye hippy ghost this Halloween.

Doing a crafty activity ahead of the spooky night is a great way to get younger kids involved in the holiday without the worries of taking them out late at night. It's also a way to ensure a child is ready for trick or treating as it can be a little daunting and scary for some kids when they go out with their parents for the first time. 

Go Big 

Inflatable Halloween Decorations - Meland
Meland's inflatable lawn decorations are the way to go. Involve your child in helping set these up, particularly in the planning phase. Nothing helps to build excitement like helping mommy or daddy set up an outrageous scene in the front yard. 

Brave Dinosaur Hunters

Sometimes, Halloween doesn't need to be ghouls and goblins.

Set up a dig for your budding palaeontologist / dinosaur hunter with Meland's Dino Eggs.

You'll need a little sand or dirt (possibly best done outside during the day) and some simple tools (raid the gardening shed for trowels and paint brushes for uncovering the mysterious eggs). 


Pumpkin Carving 

Pumpkin Carving Inspiration - Meland


An oldie but a goodie. Sometimes it's easy to forget the classics. For good simple Halloween fun you can go past a bit of pumpkin carving. Get your little one to draw on the pumpkin and you can help them with the carving. 

Halloween is a fantastic holiday for kids.

There's so many activities you can engage them with, from decorating the yard, to some fun make believe.

We love the holiday simply for all the ways to engage with kids. It's definitely a holiday for the children.