Great Gift Ideas for a Basketball-Mad Girl

Great Gift Ideas for a Basketball-Mad Girl

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of girls playing basketball.

According to the Women’s Basketball Association (WBA), as of 2016 there were over 3.2 million girls playing organized basketball in the United States alone.

This is a huge increase from when the WBA was founded in 1996, when only 1.9 million girls played organized basketball.

Girls have not only started playing basketball at younger ages, but they are also staying with the sport for longer periods of time.

Does your little girl play basketball? If you're looking for the best basketball gifts for the young girl in your life then look no further.


How to introduce basketball to your daughter 

Girl Slam Dunk

Basketball is an incredibly fun and exciting sport to play.

The sport requires quick reflexes and agility, which makes for an thrilling game to watch or participate in.

Basketball requires a strong foundation of skills. The WBA suggests that new players have some experience playing the game before trying to start a team or club, and encourages newcomers to learn these four fundamental basketball basics: dribbling, shooting, passing and defense.

All of these skills can be honed without the need of a full court, and budding female athletes really can start early.

One of the true beauties of basketball is that acquiring the skills to play well don't require much equipment, it mainly requires drive. However, for the small amounts of equipment it does need, we at Meland have you covered.

Indoor Basketball Hoop Set

 Indoor mini hoop

Basketball is a challenging sport that takes time and practice in order to be perfect.

Basketball requires a lot of focus and attention. Basketball hoops are typically hung on the walls of gymnasiums, school gyms, housing complexes, recreation centers and even in some backyards. Sometimes this can be frustrating for beginner players who don’t have many opportunities to play. Enter the indoor hoop.

Enter the Meland indoor mini basketball hoop. This great little set will allow you to quickly install a hoop in your own house. The set includes everything you'll need, including 4 colorful balls and a pump to ensure they're ready to play. A perfect basketball gift set.


Freestanding Kids Basketball Hoop Set

Freestanding basketball hoop

Just a little bit of space, outdoor or indoor can be converted into your kids arena.

A yard, the driveway, the garage, a large den, all can be temporary transformed into the ideal basketball practice area with Meland's kids basketball hoop with stand.

Allow your little one to practice regularly, or make the ideal set-up for when other sporty friends come over. Shooting some hoops with friends really is an all-American pass-time.

The reverse of the backboard is also a darts board, a great extra little game to play when you're done shooting hoops! This really is a great basketball gift for your little basketball fan.

Meland Basketball Toys

Basketball is an incredibly fun and exciting sport to play.

The sport requires quick reflexes and agility, which makes for a thrilling game to watch or participate in. It's little wonder that those that love basketball also love to practice, either playing outdoors or just shooting at a mini hoop at home.

Good Basketball equipment is also within reach of many families, at Meland we have you covered. Whether you're looking for a mini indoor hoop set or a freestanding kids basketball hoop set, we have something perfect for your little girl who loves basketball. Not only do our sets come with everything you need to start playing right away, but they also make great gifts for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Get your little one the gift of basketball today!