Engage Your Kids With Art!

Engage Your Kids With Art!

Many toddlers and young children are naturally creative, but often don't have the opportunity to explore their artistic side.

As a result, many adults feel like they can't engage their kids with art. But it doesn't need to be that way!

There are plenty of ways for toddlers and young children to learn about different types of art and even create some themselves.

In this blog post we'll discuss how you can inspire your toddlers or preschoolers to enjoy looking at and creating many forms of art!

Child-led exploration

Kid with crayons, art

Looking at another's artwork can help toddlers learn about colors, shapes, and sizes.

Asking questions about what they see in an image can help toddlers develop their vocabulary skills.

Discussing why an artist may have chosen to create a piece in a certain way helps toddlers understand different perspectives - even if they don't agree with it!

Also, let your child lead in an exploration session too. Head to your local library and pick up a selection of art books - the larger the pictures the better.

Then sit with them as they peruse the books. If there's no library available in your area, Pinterest has a large library of art images for toddlers which they can view and it's full of ideas about stimulating toddlers' artistic side.

You'll find your child is naturally attracted to some pieces of art more than others. This will allow you to ask leading questions about what exactly they like or dislike about the different pieces.

No matter what type of media toddlers are using, there are plenty of ways toddlers can be inspired by viewing other people's works.


Different Mediums

Meland Kids art

Give your child options when it comes to exploring art. Let them lead an art creation session.

You can present them with different art tools and materials, like clay, paint, scraps of paper or magazines for collage, even recycled cardboard from delivery boxes.

Let your child choose which one they want to use first and let them go at it!

If your child attends a nursery or kindergarten, it's likely that she already has art classes. However, there's a great place for the parent in your child's art education by encouraging the use of different mediums in their art.

Exploring art through simple activities like origami can be a wonderful way to supplement the art classes they're already having.

Make sure your toddler builds their own "art kit" containing all of these supplies so that they always know where everything is when inspiration hits!

At Meland, we have a couple of sets that we think will really help a parent to nurture a child's artistic side. Our fuse beads are a great way to make pixel art. While our tie-dye kits are a great way to make colorful clothes, pillow cases or other fun project.


A Mini Gallery

Kids Origami

In addition to sharing toddlers' creations with their parents, teachers, or caregivers, it is very beneficial for toddlers to have an opportunity to share their work with others in a setting where they feel safe and supported.

One way to do this is to set up a mini gallery in your home. Invite toddlers' friends and family over to see their latest work.

Even the simple act of hanging the art on the refrigerator, or the wall will give toddlers a sense of pride and ownership as well as an appreciation for their creative efforts.


Toddlers and preschoolers can learn a lot from art.

They need to be introduced to the different mediums as well as see others' artwork. To help your child or toddler to develop their artistic side, explore some of these ideas! Let them lead an art creation session with various materials like clay or paint.

Give them options when it comes to exploring art by giving them toys that are appropriate for toddlers such as fuses beads which make pixelart; our tie-dye kits which make colorful clothes, pillow cases or other fun projects; and don't forget about setting up a mini gallery in your home where toddlers can share their work with others who care about what they create!