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Best Outdoor Toys For the Spring and Summer Months

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and that means summer is just around the corner! For parents, that means planning for trips to the beach or the pool, sunscreen, and new swimsuits. For kids, it means getting ready to enjoy the outdoors.

There are so many great toys that can help make the most of warmer weather, and we've rounded up some of the best ones here. From camping toys to basketball sets to gardening toys, there's something for every kid to enjoy.

So get out and enjoy the sun with your kids this summer with these great outdoor toys!

 Kids camping toy

Camping Toys

Camping can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your kids.

It can be a fun and exciting adventure for them, and it's a great way to teach them about nature and the world around them.

For little kids, camping might seem a little daunting.

Away from the comfort of their bedrooms, the new sights and sounds might seem scary. All this leads to a difficult sleep and, ultimately, an off-putting experience. One way we suggest combatting camping fear is to run a few practice sessions at home and even in the yard first. Build excitement but also build confidence in your little one by letting them play at camping before you go.

Meland offer a great selection of camping toys which are idea for getting a little kid ready for the real experience in the great outdoors. Check out our two different sets here and here. Each comes with a toy tent and various toy versions of camping essentials: compasses, stoves, spades, binoculars and much else too! Your little one will be all prepared to face the great outdoors with you after mastering their skills with these sets.

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For some, nothing's better than getting outside and shooting some hoops. After being stuck inside for winter, a bit of running, jumping, stretching, and playing is so important for the development of kids - and for the peace and sanity of parents!

But before you can get outside and playing, you need the right gear. A good basketball set is a must. You want something that's going to be durable and stand up to the elements, as well as providing hours of fun.

The Meland freestanding basketball hoop is a great way to get your game on.

With everything you need, including 4 colorful balls and pump so they're ready for play right out of the box. In a world where every inch of space is precious, transforming your backyard or basement into an arena for kids to play basketball. This set will make an awesome gift to head into summer with!

Girl play golf toy

Toy Golf

Golf was once described as a "good walk spoiled". We disagree completely! We love a good game of golf and think it's a great way to spend a bit of outdoor time with friends and family.

Perhaps your little one wants to be just like daddy out on the links or the next Mickey Wright in training. Well, if that's the case then look no further, Meland have the ideal little golf set. Safe, lightweight plastic with a couple of practice holes to set up and putt. Just remember your sunblock and a good hat!

Kids gardening toys 

Toy Gardening Set

Gardening is a wonderful and rewarding pastime, and so rewarding in springtime.

It's made even better with a little helper following you around the yard. While gardening, kids can learn how to plant, water, and take care of plants. They can learn about the lifecycle of plants, from seed through to tree, and can enjoy looking for bugs, worms and other fun things in the garden.

Our Meland gardening set comes with all of the items needed to have a fun day out in the garden.

Trowel, spade and rake, plant pots, watering can, gloves, hat, tote bag, and even a colorful gardening smock to keep you child clean and happy. This is a great set to give to a green-thumbed child this spring.


Meland Spring and Summer Toys

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole new slew of outdoor activities to enjoy with your children.

From camping trips to basketball games, Meland has you covered with the best in outdoor toys for spring and summer.

Our selection of durable, fun-filled toys will keep your kids entertained for hours on end - and help them get the most out of the warmer months. So check out our selection today and get outside with your kids this spring and summer!