3 Dress Up Gifts Ideal for Young Princesses

3 Dress Up Gifts Ideal for Young Princesses

Dressing up transports us, it allows us to inhabit the life of someone else for a while.

For little kids, dressing up is an important part of pretend play. It allows them to stretch their imagination. Using imagination to experiment with different scenarios while in a safe environment.

We at Meland love playing dress up. We have a few suggestions for gifts for little girls, if you're currently looking of the perfect present then check out these dress up gift ideas.


Unicorn Princess Dress

Unicorn Princess

When it comes to pretend play, you'd struggle to go wrong with the combination of unicorns and princesses.

All the magic of unicorns with the wonder of princesses - what's not to like. We have an ideal dress up set that brings together these wonderful themes.

A rainbow, glitter-covered princess dress, rainbow necklace and sparkling tiara, finished off with a unicorn-themed rainbow sparkling handbag.

A one-stop ticket to magic and wonder, what could be more perfect for the little princess in your life?


Princess Dress Up Set

Princess Dress Up Costumes

For the little girl that likes options in her costumes, we've put together an ideal set intended to mix, match, share and enjoy.

A collection of three colorful princess skirts finished with glitter and other embellishments.

Three colorful children's shoes (with a small heel too them) for mixing and matching. Two princess tiaras, because what princess is complete without her crown.

Finally finish the look off with one of the two necklaces and two rings. Mix and match to create the perfect costume.

The whole set can be neatly packed away in a special presentation box, designed to be carried to the next party, playdate or safety stored away.

Vanity Play Set

Toy Vanity Mirror Play Set with Toy Make up

"Mirror mirror, who's the most fun toymaker in town?"

"Why, it's Meland of course."

With Meland's play vanity set, your little princess can immerse herself in getting ready for the next gala or other royal event.

A colorful kids vanity desk, with a mirror, lights and sounds, draws to store the many many accessories this toy set comes with.

From the (cold) working hairdryer, to the toy hair rollers, eyeshadow, lipstick, and perfume bottles, your daughter will have all that she wants for a great imaginative play session, transforming herself into a princess. 

Dress up fun

All of these dress up gifts are perfect for allowing kids to engage in pretend play.

Whether your child wants to be a unicorn princess, or just enjoys playing around with makeup and hair accessories, each of these sets provides hours of fun.

Fill up the costume trunk and let your daughter explore her imagination with one (or more!) of these fantastic gift ideas, visit our site today.